Collection Vauban - Emaux d'Art de Longwy

Emaux d'Art de Longwy -  Boule Japon en Emaux de Longwy
Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Christian Leclercq - Maître Céramiste en Emaux de Longwy
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Castle Well Vauban made of enamels

Longwy was built according to the plans of Vauban in 1679 when Louis XIV decided to establish a new fortified town. Among the many works of Vauban, Longwy is one of the nine constructed cities "ex nihilo" (out of nothing) and which translate best his conception of the ideal city. Thanks to this peculiarity, the fortified town of Longwy is a member of the Network of the Major Sites of Vauban, registered on the UNESCO world heritage list.
In those days, five wells were supplying the city.  Nowadays, only one remains.  It’s situated on the place of Longwy-Haut and it became the seat of the Tourist Office. So, to mark our attachment to the local heritage, we created the box " Castle Well Vauban " with the students of the “lycée technique Alfred Mézières”of Longwy.    
The Castle Well come in natural-colored tone or in traditional-color tone representing Longwy.  It is often offered by the City of Longwy to personalities on official visits.
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