Collection Egypt - Emaux d'Art de Longwy

Emaux d'Art de Longwy -  Boule Japon en Emaux de Longwy
Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Christian Leclercq - Maître Céramiste en Emaux de Longwy
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Collection " Best Worker of France "

It is part of the classic art line Longwy of the late nineteenth century that made its reputation. Flowers, birds and landscapes compose a harmonious decoration, materialized by the black circle drawn on the faience biscuit. Enamel with the colors of "Best Worker of France - Meilleur Ouvrier de France" is brought to the drip with precision. The enamelled decor will then be enhanced by the addition of brushstrokes on each of the elements composing the decor to give depth, finesse and relief.
Our rare Hancrafts creations are not produced at the chain. Make sure the work presented is available, otherwise you can order. Each work can be personalized according to your desires of decorations and colors. Contact us !

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