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Emaux d'Art de Longwy -  Boule Japon en Emaux de Longwy
Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Christian Leclercq - Maître Céramiste en Emaux de Longwy
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Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Meilleur Ouvrier de France
Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

This label is awarded by the State after a rigorous instruction.  It’s a reward given to small and medium-sized businesses that represent the French Excellence in the industrial or the craft domain.
It highlights the degree of mastering on advanced, recognized or traditional know-how, generally associated to a terroir.  It clearly underlines the high added value of a product "made in France" to the national and international buyers.
Best Worker of France

Best Worker Of France
Being “Best Worker of France - Meilleur Ouvrier de France” means to have passed a demanding Competition which required hours of preparation.  It means receiving the recognition of both the profession and the Nation.
This title values the professional excellence, the innovation and the transmission.  The “Best Workers of France” are from divergent backgrounds because of their specialty (The Competition covers more than 200 of them), and their age.
Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant
Maître Artisan Céramiste

This title is attributed to the business managers who can give evidence of 10 years of work experience.  It is attributed by the “regional qualifying commission” in the name of the “Chamber of trade and Crafts”, following very strict selective criteria.
Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Maître Artisan Céramiste
Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Ateliers d'Art de France
Ateliers d’Art de France

“Ateliers d’Art de France” is the trade union of art professions.
It federates more than 6000 creative craftsmen, artists and workshops throughout France. Its mission is to promote, to represent and to defend the art professions.  It also contributes to the economic development of the professionals in France and on the international stage.
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