Decorations - Emaux d'Art de Longwy

Emaux d'Art de Longwy -  Boule Japon en Emaux de Longwy
Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Christian Leclercq - Maître Céramiste en Emaux de Longwy
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  The excellence of our creations, symbol of the French-style luxury
More than 300 colors, 150 forms and various patterns

Our workshops offer you many different decorations, all created by our Master Ceramist Christian LECLERCQ.  That way, he perpetuates the creation of patterns by respecting the centuries-old tradition of the “Faïencerie d’Huart”.  Classic or contemporary, our decorations distinguish themselves by their level of craftsmanship, their harmony, the sureness of their line and the “rehaut” which sublimate each composition.  Many collectors, art lovers, know how to recognize and appreciate the high quality of the enamels produced by our workshop “Emaux d’Art de Longwy”.  Enamels that reflect all the passion and the experience of a Man: Christian LECLERCQ.
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