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Since his childhood, Christian LECLERCQ, is attracted by the artistic field and integrates the only factoryy of LONGWY which opens its doors to this kind of career: The Historical Society of ceramics of Longwy of Baron d'HUART. To find on www.lesvieuxlongwy.com

Volunteer, passionate and hard worker, he multiplies professional experiences and hours through all stages of manufacturing in order to acquire the know-how that will lead him to the profession of Ceramist. He develops new manufacturing techniques and widens the range of enamel colors and proposes to the management many new creations which for some will be marketed.

Rich of this experience, he attains 25 years his diploma of Best Worker of France (1972) and integrates the very closed circle of the Decorators of the workshop of Art of the Enamels of Longwy. In order to be able to freely express his talent, his creativity and his own know-how, he created his "EMAUX d'ART de LONGWY", a brand "Made in France".

Contemporary or classic, collections are multiplying to offer to the art lovers of the high-quality parts, neat and which reflect all the know-how and the manual competence of a house attached to these values. Christian Leclercq has always aimed to offer to an audience of demanding enthusiasts, creations of careful manufacture with very high added value thus enhancing the mastery of enamel thanks to its exceptional know-how.

Caressing and contemplating one of his pieces is a unique experience to discover !

A life of passion

- 1961 à 1976  :

Apprentice, Ceramic Decorator, Laboratory Manager, Best Worker of France, Christian Leclercq learned his trade and gained a solid experience in the Historic Factory d’HUART of Longwy.

- 1976 à 1988  :

Opening of the Factory “Atelier du bois des Seigneurs”.

- 1988 à nos jours  :

Opening of the Factory “EMAUX D'ART DE LONGWY”  with a line of conduct, to which Christian Leclercq is very attached, the implementation of his rare and complex know-how to obtain objects of art sublimated by a technique of decoration On earthenware dating from the end of the XIXth in Longwy.

Today the « EMAUX D'ART DE LONGWY » distinguish itself by obtaining numerous recognitions of the French excellence and exceptional know-how held by this House through the competence of its staff.

Adress & Shop :

Place Salvador Allende


Tel + (33) 03 82 25 71 46





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