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Emaux d'Art de Longwy -  Boule Japon en Emaux de Longwy
Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Christian Leclercq - Maître Céramiste en Emaux de Longwy
Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Christian Leclercq - Maître Céramiste en Emaux de Longwy
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Our manufacture perpetuates the tradition of the earthenware factory of Longwy, from the Rare Handcrafts, under the leadership of Christian LECLERCQ who is honoured as “Best Worker of France” and Master Ceramist for over 55 years.  As such, we are the only earthenware worker to be branded “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant et Ateliers d’Art de France” in the town of Longwy which is known to be recognized as “Ville & Métiers d'Art” and declared by the Unesco “World Heritage” thanks to its fortifications of Vauban.
Souvenir 2017

In November 2017, we were present in the International Cultural heritage fair, in the Louvre Carrousel (Paris) where we had the pleasure to receive Madam Brigitte Macron who was filled with admiration for our “Japan” collection.

We are the only present factory on this international and prestigious fair, gathering the best of the profession of the Workshops of Art of France, to represent the Enamels of Longwy.
Novetly 2018

New flower " pop flower "
Novetly 2018

New collection ZIP

Another way to dress or undress our enamels.
Craziness in the stripping art!!!
Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Boule 2.REVELATIONS en emaux de longwy
Novetly 2018

Collection Japan

A rectangular pin tray enhanced of purple and platinum

Dim 17.5 x 13.5 cm
Novetly 2018


Realization challenges:
    The artistic creation and decoration of the ceramic
    Revelation of two cracks of different size, even if they are random.

The platinum underlines the contemporary character of the piece of art.

Diam 30cm
Emaux d'Art de Longwy - Vide poche collection Japon en emaux de longwy
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